Monday, September 5, 2011

Shout Out to Bacon Day!

Thought I would share a couple pictures from my bacon day adventures. The first four are of bacon wrapped water chestnuts and the last three a BLT. Enjoy!

Just after wrapping

The sauce

Just out of the oven

Overhead view

Laying on the bacon. Five strips each!

Grilling it up

Ready to eat!

Thanks to All Recipes for the Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnut Recipe which can be found here. For best results, I would suggest adding the sauce about 10 minutes into cooking and draining any extra bacon grease at that time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bacon Popcorn!

I know I haven`t posted in a while, so I thought I would include this shot of the bacon popcorn I received from my friend`s Dave and Amy last night. I haven`t had a chance to try it out yet, but I am thinking that it won`t last long given my propensity for the late night munchies.

Not too sure where this product is available in Canada (since they bought in the States), but it appears you can purchase it from their website.

Stay posted for more bacon adventures soon..
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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Great Canadian Breakfast Tradition

Today I decided to treat myself to what I call "The Great Canadian Breakfast Tradition", which includes making a trip to the local Tim Hortons for a breakfast bacon sandwich accompanied by a "double, double". I call it this not because I am particularly nationalistic or inclined to exploit a well established stereotype, but rather I yearn for everyone to enjoy the taste of this item at least once. Why limit this just to Canada you say? Well, even though the company has enjoyed a presence in other areas of the world including the US, I suspect these places do not feature such a die hard following as they do here in Canada. Yup, they are much too smart for that! I kid, I kid.. That said, I am open to debate if anyone wants to challenge me on this.

Semantics aside, although Stephen Harper seems to be a fan of this place, this breakfast almost always put me in the right mood for watching hockey are even catching up on school readings, which is more likely these days. While not a breakfast offering per se, KFC had introduced a sandwich a little while back called the "Double Down" which included a stack of fried chicken with cheese and a few strips of bacon in between. Unlike that ephemeral offering though, Tim Horton's version of the breakfast sandwich doesn't feel like a hockey puck in the stomach. Of course, I had to include pictures:

Close up of bacon

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Gifts

Just wanted to show off some wares I received from friends over the holiday season. While I realize the holidays are over, let's face it, these would be cool to give or receive anytime.

First off, it's chocolate bacon. This one seems like a no brainer: combining the flavour of bacon with chocolate how could you go wrong? I wasn't sure at first how to bacon would be imbedded into the chocolate until opening it up and realizing they had elected to scatter bits throughout. Probably a good choice.
Here is another great gift. Bacon lip balm! I have to admit, I wasn't completely sold on this one at first but the taste and soothing action of the chap stick proved a worthy thing. A few words of caution though - if you have a dog, just be aware that they will probably try to attack your face as soon as it hits your lips. Can't really blame the suckers though, after all, the stuff smells like bacon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bacon Pancake

Recently, at a friend's get together I had the good fortune to find out from this guy, lets call him "B", about a deli that sold really good Polish bacon. While I know how sketchy that last sentence sounds, bear with me, it gets better. After describing the place a bit more, I quickly realized that I had passed by it many times on my way to work and had always wanted to go inside. It was the Polonia Sausage House. At first, I remember thinking the place looked intimidating because of the big red and black bird painted on the outside, but after venturing in I felt like I was in familiar territory. "B" continued to say that up until recently he would go with a Polish speaking friend who introduced him to this place and who would order up for him the "good stuff". He also said it was important to have your order ready and not mull over the meat selection too much lest you jeopardize your admittance to being shown this grand slam lineup. The whole thing reminded me of an episode of a popular TV show. Intrigued, I decided to head forth undaunted in the hopes of purchasing something tasty. Upon entering, I was presented with the usual smorgasbord of meats. While a customer in front of me allowed for some time in making a selection, I noticed one problem straight away - in addition to the people, most of the names of the meats were in Polish! With "B's" advice still fresh in my mind, I ordered quickly choosing the first thing I recognized: Canadian Bacon. Not wanting to risk banishment by inquiring about the finer points of Polish ham, I took my prize and left. While not the Polish stuff that I wanted, I figure, with my name in good standing at this establishment there will be other times. Until tomorrow, I promised myself. Oh, and the verdict on the Canadian version of this meat: not bad, not bad at all..

Something about having bacon wrapped in brown paper makes it that much more appetizing

After cooking until crisp, I cut the bacon into pieces

Flipped once and combined with your favourite out of the box pancake mix

Side view :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pancetta Burgers!

In keeping with the week long "fancy bacon" event, our friends Peter and Gillian were kind enough to grill up this pancetta burger feast:

Notice how nicely the pancetta crinkles up when grilled and acts to perfectly top off these 1/2 pound beef and pork patties. Almost puts me in mind of that time when I started stashing emergency baggies of pancetta around my place for those late night munchies. Not really, but you get the idea.

Bacon Nativity Scene

Today, I saw a beautiful sight that put me in the holiday spirit. Of course, it involved bacon. Here it is..

JC is the chipolata wrapped in bacon and all the rest are sausages. Photo is courtesy of 24hrs newspaper. Thanks to Robin and Shawna for bringing it to my attention.